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Tree Services

What’s involved in the tree work process?
The first step in the tree work process is your initial appointment with Joe. During this appointment you and Joe will discuss your tree care needs. We recommend having an idea or list of questions for your project prior to your appointment. Depending on your needs, this appointment will shape the rest of your specific tree process.
When should I consider removing a tree?
There are a multitude of reasons to consider tree removal. It could be simple as letting more light into your yard, or all the way up to the tree is a dangerous hazard. Reasons in between could include: installation of a fence, pool, or deck, redesigning your landscape, or making fall clean up easier (i.e. no more, or easier, leaf clean up, stopping leaves from getting into your gutters, or limbs from falling on your roof).
Do I need a permit to remove a tree?
Usually, no. You may need a permit if you live in a historical district or if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association. You would need to determine what permissions are required for removals.
How much will the tree service cost?
Tree service varies greatly in cost depending on a variety of factors. Do you need pruning or full removals? Are you keeping the wood or will we be disposing of it? Would you like the stump ground or cut as flush to the ground as possible? Is the tree in question accessible, or will we need a climber or a crane? All of these factors contribute to the final price. During your appointment with Joe he will go over all of this with you to give you the best price possible.
Why Should I Get My Trees Trimmed/Pruned?
Pruning your tree keeps it healthy. Think of it as a haircut: if you never cut your hair, you would end up with damaged split ends and a frizzy unruly mess. Your tree needs pruning to stay healthy.
Why Should a Tree Company Have Insurance?
Any contractor doing work at your property should be fully licensed and insured. There are inherent risks to performing tree work. You want your tree company to be fully insured with General Liability, Automobile and Worker’s Compensation to be able to cover any unexpected mishaps. That way the burden does not fall on your homeowner’s insurance. You can ask for a sample copy of the certificate of insurance before you even hire them to be sure they have the proper coverages.
When is the best time to cut down or prune my tree?
As Joe always says, “When the saw is sharp!”. B&M Tree Service, LLC performs tree work nearly all year round. However, when the temperatures plummet below 25 degrees, it becomes dangerous for our crews to be out for extended periods of time and we will wait for a warmer day.
Do I need to be home when the tree work is occurring?
Another Joe saying, “only if you want to drag brush!”. But seriously, it depends. During tree removals you are not required to be home, those are usually very cut and dry. However, for pruning, we do sometimes prefer for you to be home. Pruning is like giving your tree a haircut. Once you take something off, you cannot put it back. While our crew has decades of experience and will prune your tree to maintain its good health, we sometimes ask you to be home to oversee the pruning to ensure you are happy with the final result.
Can I keep firewood from the trees you cut down?
Yes! Just be sure to discuss this with Joe during your initial appointment
Do you dump wood chips for free?
Yes. However, we will only dump chips from the pavement (driveway/road/etc.). Our crew will not drive on your lawn to dump chips to a certain location. You will then be able to spread the chips as you wish.

Tick & Mosquito Control

How long does it take to do the treatment?
That really depends on the size and complexity of your property. If our crew has to go in and out of gates and fences, around pools, gardens or obstacles, it could take 45 minutes to an hour.
When is the best season for treatment?
We recommend three sprays for the year – Spring, Summer and Fall. We have found that most properties do not need any more than that. It is effective, easier on your wallet and is less exposure to the product. There are definitely other services offering a discounted price per spray, but we have heard that they suggest spraying monthly or even every three weeks. The cost adds up quickly and there is no need for that much product to be used around your home.
Is the treatment safe for pets/kids/plants?
The brand that we use can be walked on with bare feet a mere 20 minutes after application, it is a topical spray binding tightly to the soil but with good biodegradability and is incredibly effective against aphids, worms, other ants, gnats, moths, beetles, earwigs, grasshoppers, mites, midges, spiders, ticks, yellow jackets, maggots, thrips, caterpillars, flies, fleas, and termites.
How much does it cost?
It depends on the size of your yard and access to it. Joe will review your property and we will send you a written quote for your approval.
Do I need to be home when my yard is being treated?
No. Our sprayer will have your order telling him where to spray and what material to use.

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